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Terms of Use

Terms of Use
These TERMS OF USE are the official document of the website (hereinafter – the Site), which determines arrangements for the use of the website by the users (including all levels of the chosen domain, hereinafter – the Site) and processes information received from visitors during their registration on the Site.

The Site User is obliged to read these TERMS OF USE before using the website.

The Administrator shall have the right to make changes to these TERMS OF USE at any time and without previous notice of the Site users.

Only persons who have reached the age of 18 can use the Site or create a User account.

The use of the Site
This Site is a web resource that includes a set of complex objects of copyright and related rights, all exclusive rights to which belong to the Administrator. Visitors of the Site may use it only under the terms of a non-exclusive license. Users are granted access to the services of the Site and its subsequent use only in accordance with its functional purpose. It is forbidden to copy the posted information present in any form, as well as other objects of copyright.

User account
To access some other Site features, the User needs to create a User account. It is strictly forbidden to access the account of another User without his/her permission. When creating a User account, the User is obliged to provide full and accurate information about him/her. You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account login and password, as well as for any actions that are performed through it. In case of violation of the security policy or unauthorized use of your account, you must immediately notify the Administration of the Site.

Site User responsibility
When visiting the Site and using it, the User is obliged to comply with the provisions of these TERMS OF USE:

in case the User decides to provide the Administrator with any information (any data), he/she should provide him/her only with accurate and up-to-date information;
not to disclose any information (concerning the use of the Site), which in whole or in part is related to state, commercial and/or bank confidentiality, facts or information about his/her private life or private life of third parties to the Administrator, as well as not to disclose other information, the provision of which is prohibited by these TERMS OF USE;

use the information received from the Administrator (including information transferred by the Administrator through the Site) only for personal purposes; not to transfer such information to third parties without the express consent of the Administrator.
Liability restriction of the Administrator
This Site, just like any other software, does not exclude the presence of errors. This Site, as well as all its services including scripts, applications, content, graphics, and other information posted on the website, is provided on an “AS IS” basis, with all the unsatisfactory features manifested immediately or during the operation of the Site. The Administrator does not guarantee that the User will get any results from the use of the Site. By accepting these TERMS of USE, the User agrees that the Administrator shall not be liable for the Site operation and functioning. The Administrator shall also not be liable for temporary failures and interruptions in the operation of the Site and the loss of information caused by such failures. The Administrator shall not be liable for the damage caused to the users of the Site, resulting from its use. The Site Administration takes all possible measures to ensure the accuracy of the data presented on this Site. The data provided on the Website may be changed at any time and without previous notice.

The Site
The Administrator retains the right to use all User’s information for statistical reporting, use it for advertising and marketing purposes. The Administrator retains the right to provide the User with information about his/her activities and advertise it in any way. 

Return and cancellation policy
The site is not responsible for the accuracy of the statistics provided. Any discrepancy in the data given here does not constitute a basis for a refund.
Reason for the return of CREDITS:
- Failure to provide a service that is thought of in at least 50% of full league previews. In this case, the operator returns a portion of the credits to the user, which the user will then use for further subscription.

Reason for FEE Return:
- Continuous server crash for more than 72 hours in a row
- Repeated shutdown of the server for a period of more than 48 hours (at least 3 times per calendar month). If any of the above reasons are fulfilled, the operator, upon the user's written request, is obliged to return the proportional part of the subscription that has not been used. Payment will be sent at least one month from the date of the request.




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