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Why is your information fee-based? What makes you better than the free services?

Userbet is a team of professional journalists and football analysts. We provide our clients with up-to-date information and most importantly, qualitative one. Other services buy information from providers, who don’t monitor its quality. We highly value qualitative information on players’ injuries and their disqualification, therefore we work almost 24/7.


What information will I see, if I buy the tariff plan “Match preview”?

We offer several tariff plans. One of them is Match preview. By paying the tariff, you will get information about injured players in 5 football leagues in a convenient interface for 30 days. We’re monitoring football teams and keep our clients informed about injures and suspended players. In addition, we’re monitoring squads for games, sharing preliminary starting lineups, as well as starting lineups.


How can I get notified about new injures or suspended players?

Userbet offers you a flexible system of alert settings. We use Telegram bot to send notifications. Go to your profile and activate Telegram bot. After activation, you can select alert types in the alert settings. Moreover, you can make individual alerts for injuries and suspended players, as well as other events by league or even by team separately.


What football leagues announce squads for a game?

Team coaches announce the squad one day before or on the game day. Available squad (icon - black t-shirt on our site) is provided by the football teams of Spain, France, Italy. Please note that some teams from these countries don’t publish the list of the squad for games. Therefore, we can’t guarantee there will be published lists on our site for each game for every team from the mentioned countries.


How do you determine the preliminary starting lineups?

We offer preliminary starting lineups to our clients (icon – blue t-shirt on our site) 24 hours before the match or on the match day. We determine preliminary lineups based on analysis of the activity of a coach, his statements, opinions of our journalist colleagues, as well as leading European sports publications.


How long before the start of the game will the starting lineups be published?

We publish starting lineups about 60 minutes before the start of the game (icon – red t-shirt on our site).


Can I get my money back if I don’t like your service?

Yes, of course. You can find the refund terms here.


How can I change my password?

Use the change password form, click “send password” here to recover or change your password.


If my subscription ends, how do I automatically renew it so I don't have to stop using the service?

You’ll get an alert 3 days before your tariff plan ends. We will re-send it one day before your plan expires. Please, check out our email alerts!



Userbet is a professional information resource. We provide the most objective and up-to-date information on football leagues. Our products will be useful for football fans, betters and traders. A team of professional journalists is working for you.
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