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Match previews

Dear user!

In this article, you will get acquainted with the possibilities of the “Match Preview” tariff plan and the symbols in this tariff plan.

The “Match Preview” tariff plan is intended for betters who analyze the lineups, injuries and disqualifications of players, monitor the news and starting lineups of teams and work with the archive of the line of bookmakers.


Interface of the composition of the teams for the match

We use our own development - the interface for issuing information about the composition of teams. The players of the teams are represented by a list in the table, ordered from top to bottom by the number of minutes played on the field in the current season.



1 - For clarity and understanding of the player's role in the team, opposite the last name, the last 3 games of the team are displayed, where the green T-shirt - the player started the match in the starting lineup, and the yellow T-shirt - the player started the match on the bench.

2 - The role of the player.

3 - The nationality of the player.

4 - The age of the player.

5 - Player rating. The rating is calculated according to its own formula, where the maximum value is 10.

6 - Opposite the players, there may be different marks, such as: a question mark (the player is under questions for the next game), a player injury (the player will not be able to participate in the next game) and other marks that are described in the legend (9) in the screenshot. Clicking on the icon opens a window with a description of the injury or other reason for the absence (return) of the player.

7 - The key player of the team.

8 - Team captain.

9 - Description of all possible marks by players.

10 - switch to player statistics for the season.

After switching the type of statistics (10), the main statistics of the players will be displayed.






11 - The number of games in the starting lineup.

12 - The number of games started on the bench.

13 - The number of goals scored (the largest number of goals is outlined in red).

14 - The number of assists (the largest number is outlined in black).

15 - The transfer cost of the player.


The Userbet team follows the TOP 5 European championships. We collect information from trusted sources and work with a large number of journalists.

As a rule, every Monday, we create matches for the upcoming tour and our journalists follow the news of the teams, follow the training process, press conferences, etc.

Our journalists take into account:

Injuries and disqualifications that were received in the last game;

Post-match press conferences;

The daily training process, where players can get injured, or thanks to the press releases of coaches or comments to journalists, you can find out the condition of the team's players. We mark players who trained separately from the team or did not train at all due to possible injuries with a question mark. During the preparatory process for the match, the player's status may change.

The reasons and description of the marks for missing players are displayed in the latest changes

By clicking on the description of the injury or other mark, you can see the reason or phrase of the coach!






Pre-match press conferences of coaches. Our team follows every press conference, all the information that concerns the composition of the team for the match is instantly displayed in the preview for the match in the form of a player injury (red cross), a question mark (the coach is not sure that the player is 100% ready for the match), or for example, the player has returned to full training (green cross), the player will be absent for family reasons (red airplane), etc.;

Applications of teams for the match. Userbet - publishes the applications of the teams for the match based on the official information that the team publishes on its website. Football clubs of the championships of Spain, Italy and France publish applications for the match. Unfortunately, not all clubs do this systematically, so if you do not see an application on the website of a certain team's Userbet, it will mean that the club has not published an application for the game.


What does the team's application for the game look like?

Below, in the screenshot, there is a designation (a dark gray T-shirt) in the Match Preview section that there is a request from the teams for the match. If you go to the match, then dark gray T-shirts will be displayed opposite the players who were included in the application for the game. If there is no icon in front of the player (a dark gray T-shirt), it means that this player was not included in the application for the game and he will not take part in the match.





The clubs of the German and English championships do not publish applications for matches.


Preliminary starting lineups of teams

As mentioned above, our team monitors the full training cycle of the teams, as well as monitors the coaches' press conferences. After the press conferences and applications of the teams, the preliminary starting lineups for the match are formed. We rely on the opinion of specialized professional journalists, as well as on our own opinion based on the information that we process in the process of preparing teams.

The presence of preliminary starting lineups of the teams in the Preview section of the matches is marked with a blue T-shirt.





If you click on the match, the blue icons will be displayed opposite the 11 players of the preliminary starting line-up. These icons are superimposed on top of the icons indicating that the player is in the application for the match.


Starting lineups of teams

The starting lineups of the teams, as a rule, appear 65-45 minutes before the start of the match in various sources. According to the schedule, our team monitors the appearance in automatic and manual mode. The presence of the starting line-up of the teams is signaled by an icon - a red T-shirt. The percentage of the "Optimal Starting line-up" will be displayed next to the icon. This percentage is considered as follows:

The sum of the time of the first 11 players in the team list is taken into account and compared with the time of the current starting lineup.





If you go to the match, then 11 players of the starting line-up will be marked with “red T-shirt" icons. Yellow icons indicate the players who will start the match as a substitute.

In addition to information about injuries and disqualifications of players, Userbet provides information about the movement of betting odds. In front of each match, the current odds for the teams to win are displayed:



1 - Switching to the odds movement chart on the line of the Pinnacle bookmaker.

2- Current odds. When the odds changes, a light alarm occurs, where the green color indicates the change in the odds for the last minute up, and the red color indicates the change in the odds down.

3 - An arrow that indicates the direction of movement of the odds relative to the initial odds.

4 - How many percent has the current odds for the team's victory changed relative to the line opening odds (initial odds).


A more detailed line of odds and their movement with graphs can be viewed for each match in the Match Preview section.


News from primary sources on football clubs

For each match, operational news from primary sources (official websites of clubs, journalists, authoritative publications) are displayed

The news is divided into 2 sections: the NEWS tab (news from information sites) and Twitter (news from the social network Twitter).

You can learn more about the news of football teams in the NEWS section


Odds and graphs of their movement

Here are the main outcomes of the match, totals and handicaps along the BC line .

Userbet is an integrated service platform in the betting line. You can place bets directly through the Userbet website. To place a bet through the Userbet website, you need to open an account in PS3838 BC through an Expari Agent.

For more information about the possibilities of opening an account in PS3838 BC and how to place bets through the Userbet website, see the following article.

By clicking on the chart icon, a window will open with a graph of the odds movement along the line of a professional bookmaker

The picture below shows a graph of the movement of odds. This graph can be scaled to the selected time and monitor the movement of the odds.

Also, the time of the starting lineups' exit is fixed on the graph (vertical line on the graph).




Archive of betting odds (Pinnacle, PS3838)

In addition to analytics about the current state of affairs in the teams (injuries and disqualifications), team applications, preliminary and starting lineups of teams, you can get acquainted with the archive of matches, where odds are fixed, the lineups of teams in past games, as well as the archive of personal meetings.





1 - The last matches of the teams, by default 10 games.

2 - Archive of personal meetings (statistics are collected from December 1, 2021).

3 - To view archived match data (applications for the match, preliminary and starting lineups, injuries and disqualifications of players, as well as an archive of odds), click on the match score

An example of an archived match for analytics 


Notification of changes in the composition of teams, as well as the release of applications, preliminary and starting lineups of teams.

In order to promptly monitor changes in the composition of teams and receive notification of injuries and disqualifications of players, the release of team applications, the appearance of preliminary and starting lineups and other events for the upcoming match, you can connect a Telegram bot. You can activate notifications about changes in teams in the Telegram bot for all leagues, for some leagues or separately for matches.

To activate the Telegram bot, find the Telegram contact @userbetinfo_bot in the application and add it to your contacts.


Then click Start or /start. Then go to the profile on the site and copy the binding code of the form 37693cfcfsd579e45d87b8c7d8b9aacd and paste it into the bot with a message





After that, to link your USerbet profile to the Telegram Bot, click on the Link telegram bot button



After that, click on Send test message (the link is under the Link telegram bot )

A test message should come to the Telegram bot.




This will mean that you have done everything correctly and now you can start selecting matches for notification.

Notification of injuries and disqualifications, as well as the release of applications, preliminary and starting lineups of teams can be configured for all teams of 5 leagues. To do this, just click on the "Bell" at the top of the Match previews section





After that, a window will appear with options for changes in the commands.




Here are all possible options for changes in the composition of the teams. For example, by selecting OK-"Injury", you will receive an alert in the Telegram bot for all teams of 5 championships in case a player gets injured.

If you want to receive an alert for specific leagues, then for this you need to click on the "Bell" in the Match previews section in the League header





And according to the same principle as described above, choose the notification options in the Telegram bot.

According to the same principle, you can set up an alert for injuries and disqualifications of players separately for any match, or for the release of applications, preliminary or starting lineups.

The Match Preview tariff plan also includes the Archive and Injury and Disqualification sections

The Archive section contains archived data of past matches of the tariff plan, Match previews and Starting lineups.

In the Injuries and Disqualifications section, a table with injured and disqualified players is published for each league. Here you can clearly see the number of missing players in each team.





In this article, we have introduced you to the Tariff plan of the Preview matches, as well as the symbols in this tariff.

To get access to the Match Preview tariff plan, go to the Prices section.




Userbet is a professional information resource. We provide the most objective and up-to-date information on football leagues. Our products will be useful for football fans, betters and traders. A team of professional journalists is working for you.
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