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The DropOdds tariff plan is designed to track the movement of betting odds (mirror Pinnacle).

The DropOdds section includes 3 subsections.


1. The DropOdds subsection of the same name

This subsection is intended for monitoring the movement of odds by specified filters.



1 - Monitoring. Choosing the type of market (1X2, Total, Asian Handicap). Default: 1X2

2 - Odds filter (minimum and maximum). By default: the minimum odds is 1.2, and the maximum is 1.8. Within this range, the search for the movement of odds will take place.

3 - Drop in the. Compare the current odds with the specified one (how much time ago). By default: shows a comparison of the current odds with what it was 1 hour ago.

4 - Starts at. With the help of this filter, matches are selected at a given time. By default: show matches that will start in the next 24 hours.

5 - Leagues. Filter leagues. Default: all leagues.

After paying for the DropOdds tariff plan, the user can change the parameters (filters).

The matches in the table are sorted by the largest odds change according to the specified filters.

When hovering the mouse over the odds, the user can see the history of the odds movement, including the initial odds and the odds that was according to the specified filter "Drop in the" (by default 1 hour ago).



In addition, the history of the movement of each odds can be seen in the charts. To do this, click on the corresponding icon, which is located near each odds.



2. Triggers subsection

In this subsection, the user can create a Trigger and wait for a signal when the odds moves according to the specified parameters.

For example, the task is to receive a signal in a Telegram bot when the odds changes by more than 5% in 4 TOP leagues for a short period of time (15 minutes). To do this, the user creates a trigger in the Triggers subsection by clicking on "Create trigger"


1 - Follow the markets (1X2).

2 - Filter the minimum and maximum odds.

3 - Percentage change in the odds at which the Trigger will trigger

4 - Monitor the odds change over the last 15 minutes

5 - Follow the matches that will start in the next week (7 days)

6 - In which leagues will the change of odds be monitored

7 - Notify the Telegram bot

After creating a Trigger, a tab with the specified parameters will appear in the Triggers subsection when creating a Trigger.


If the odds for the 1X2 market changes by 5% in the last 15 minutes in the selected leagues, the user will receive an alert in the Telegram bot and the match that fell under the conditions will appear in the created tab according to the specified Trigger.

The created Trigger can be deleted or cleared using the Clear and Delete functions.

3. Alert Odds subsection

This subsection is designed to monitor the change in odds and notify the user when a specific odds of a given value is reached.

You can add a match to this section from the subsection Drop Odds and Triggers

or download the match(s) directly in the section itself using the "Add League/match" function.




If the user uses the Select all function, then when a new match appears in the schedule, it will automatically be added to the list of league matches. You can also add one or more matches of the selected league.

After selecting matches, the user can set conditions for any odds "What if the odds reaches such a value, notify me in the Telegram bot".

For example, a user uploaded the matches of the German Championship and the task is to get an alert in the Telegram bot if the odds for the Hoffenheim team's victory reaches 2.09

To set the odds value, click on the "bell" next to the odds:

Enter the desired odds value and click Setup:


After entering the required odds, the specified odds will appear instead of the "bell", upon reaching which the client will be notified in the Telegram bot, and the specified odds will be highlighted.



To receive an alert in the Telegram bot

Find the contact @userbetinfo_bot in the Telegram app and add it to your contacts.

Then click Start or /start. Then go to the profile on the site and copy the binding code of the form 37693cfcfsd579e45d87b8c7d8b9aacd and paste it into the bot with a message



Then go to your Profile. To link your Userbet profile to a Telegram bot, click on the Link telegram bot button


After that, click on Send test message (the button is located under Link telegram bot )

A test message should come to the Telegram bot.

This will mean that you have done everything correctly and now you will be notified in the Telegram bot of all events from the section Drop Odds.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email




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